The Legacy of C.H. Belt and the Future

In 1968, Carle Jr. founded C. H. Belt & Associates™ as a family business in Southern California to market frozen fruit and vegetable products manufactured and packed by several suppliers.
In 2001, Bob Eggert
refocused the business
back to its heritage of providing
frozen fruit and vegetable products.
In the early 1990’s Kevin and Sharon joined C.H. BeltTM, maintaining the family legacy. Continuing
to provide superior products
and customer support.

Our Products

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Sourced Domestically & Globally for An Uninterrupted Supply

We are the Best ingredient for your Success

We feel it’s our responsibility to continue ….

C.H. Belt & SunLeaf are proud to partner up with the
Los Angeles Mission.


… the Circle of the Harvest